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Discussion on the life and times of Admiral Lord Nelson

Welcome to Nelson's World

This website aims to provide a lively forum for all who have an interest in Horatio Nelson and the world he lived in. We aim to create a broad canvas on which the people, and the social, political, cultural and naval events of the period can be explored.

You'll discover plenty of room to exchange Nelsonian information whether professional or personal, fact or fiction, at sea or on shore. As the man himself wrote:

"John Bull and the World may continue to keep an eye on my conduct, may examine me in the field, in the Cabinet, and in my closet, and I am vain enough to believe I shall be thought purer by the ordeal."

- Lord Nelson to Lady Lavinia Spencer, September 22nd 1799.

The full Nelson, whether pure, vain or otherwise is open for civilised discussion here.

Whether you're an expert with knowledge to share or a new enthusiast keen to know more, come and join us: you'll find a warm welcome on our friendly forum.